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August, 2008 | Velbekomme

25 Aug 2008

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It’s Show-and-Tell-Time

Remember how I told you, I went to Falsled Kro while researching for my book? Well, I finally think it’s time to show you one of the best dishes of the evening – and there were quite a few so that makes this one all the more special.

This was actually “just” an appetizer: Potato wafers on an apple-celery salsa and most importantly – a scoop of densely whipped cream / sour cream with water cress, lemon zest and some other ingredients I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Now that’s really something to lift up the second scoop of Calvisius caviar on top!

The mere consistency of the discretely zesty cream was heavenly and just the right buddy for the burst of caviar on the tongue. Dammit! Why does this place have to be so far out of my economic and geographic range? Btw. please excuse the oddly displaced focus on the photo – it seems as if my dreamy-eyed state has influenced on the lense…

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7 Aug 2008

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Eat This! (you heard me)

Here’s what I do, when my writing skills don’t agree with me or the silly material just won’t budge: Make melting miniature marcipan cakes. That and I take pictures of them from so many different angles and with so much (food) porn in mind, I feel like a real pedofile – this shot might just as well be an upskirt of a six year old!

Please let me in on your procrastination tricks – are you getting any good dusting done, do you prefer filing your cd’s after colours or are you finally giving Stallone’s “oeuvre” the time it deserves? Or could it be that I’m the last dinosaur out here still doing work that’s vaguely similar to an exam, however long-lasting this one may be? Pleez tell me it isn’t so!

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