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8 Feb 2008

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Recycling Made Tasty

Thank God bakers are a thrifty lot. How else would they have invented this age old classic? In Denmark there’s hardly a child who hasn’t tried buying one of these romkugler (rum balls) and then enjoyed the heavy feeling in the bag of a great satisfaction to come.

Anyway, originally meant as a way of using bakery leftovers such as Danish pastry and biscuits, the version on this pic is a bit more upscale.

With all the time I spent making Christmas goodies I just couldn’t bring myself to chuck it after a while, so instead I mixed it up with marzipan, good quality cocoa, jam, rum, and finely chopped cake bits.

I recommend gathering the odd slice of cake and cookies in a bag in the freezer until you have enough different flavours (old trick of the trade). These balls contain ginger bread biscuits, chocolate cake, macaroons and lots more. To dress them up a little, dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in roasted almond slices or coconut.

Don’t you just love recycling?


6 Feb 2008

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What a Blast!

After having toiled over this architectural masterpiece of a “kransekage” (traditional Danish marzipan cake for new year’s) I applied the icing with slapdash precision and rushed off.

On the metro I nearly strained an unmentionable muscle or two trying to rescue the sucker from certain doom. Lo and behold if it didn’t make it in one piece to the party only to be knocked off the table shortly before this picture was taken.

At least now I know why we chose to make these sturdy fellows for an alcohol infested evening such as this… Happy new year people!

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6 Feb 2008

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DIY Fast Food

Deep-fried prawns in Orly-pastry with homemade remoulade – a shortcut to any man’s heart. Am not so sure about the blue plate though.

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