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100th Post Celebration and Some n-e-w-s, NEWS!

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Welcome to my 100th post! Yup, that’s what the countdown was for. Since I started posting odd tidbits back in July 2007 it has amounted to a whole lotta rambling about cooking and craziness. Today I’m celebrating my milestone with some great news and a wedding cake (or: a cake I made for a wedding – don’t expect any tiered white horrors with sugar flowers fit for a coffin).

But first, the news: On Wednesday I’m kicking off my new career as a Ph.D. student! Sweet, innit? I think so anyway. For the next three years I’ll actually be paid for studying public service and nation building in the early years of Danish national radio!

But sorry, let’s get to the truly important thing on today’s menu: The cake gallery. Here’s a short tour through my three evenings of labour with a home-spun cake that I made for my friend’s wedding. It’s a hazelnut-sponge cake (this part came from Mette Blomsterberg) with a filling of mascarpone and passionfruit cream and an “icing” of reduced and de-seeded raspberry compôte mixed with whipped cream. As decoration I made little “leaves” of dark chocolate sprinkled with cocoa nibs and just added some fresh berries. Enjoy the show and the following post-bonanza!

100 posts down, a million more to go. Weeee!