2 Aug 2016

Sorry for my absence – I’ve been multiplying…

Yes, you read it. I had a baby last year. She’s called Sonja, is 11 months old and sparkly as hell. I’m absolutely certain some fairy sneezed on her at some point. But lord is she a time stealer! I keep being surprised about the year that someone snatched away from me whenever I try to do the old “how long ago was this and that”. I always need to add an extra year, which I spent in the alternate dimension called parenthood. Or should I say babyhood, since I hope that it’s more of a passing thing, connected to maternity leave and the uncertainty of baby routines. But don’t expect anymore baby pics on Velbekomme anytime soon. For all my own online presence and hardcore pushing of my personal brand, somehow I cannot bring myself to enter our radiant little one into the mix. It’s like that stereotype about indigenous people who think that a camera flash will steal their soul. But you will probably notice some changes in the future. A lot less time for writing and elaborate baking projects and more fighting to get just a little kitchen fix in-between Sonja’s naps, doing the laundry, cleaning etc. If you’re up for it, I’m game, so let’s get started on the new Velbekomme, post-partem!

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7 Jan 2015

Chocolate Covered Vanilla Marshmallows


Look at this beauty. Soft vanilla marshmallow and a crackling chocolate surface. Can you tell I was satisfied with the result? And that I have decided to praise myself more on this blog? Anyhoot, I’ve raved about marshy things before here, so I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just let you know that I used this recipe from the blog, which is a slightly adapted version of this original recipe from Foodbeam. The special touch here is the vanilla, which you can just make out amidst the white softness of the interior. As far as I am concerned, it was the main ingredient that I wanted to showcase here. Here’s the story behind it…

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22 Jun 2014

Danish Delights: Hindbærsnitter

HindbærsnitteThe above is a “hindbærsnitte” or “raspberry slice” directly translated. But oh – the amount of fun you miss out on with a simple translation like that! It’s not so much the raspberry part, because a raspberry is a raspberry (is a raspberry). It’s the “snitte”, which incidentally is my favourite word these days. First of all it can mean anything sliced, be it a slice of “smørrebrød” – the open-faced sandwich for which Danes are so famous. Or something sweet, such as a “makronsnitte” (a very sweet, baked, sliced goodie with macaroon and apple) or “walessnitte” (a slice of choux pastry, sometimes with white icing and red currant jelly). My favourite though is when it’s used with reference to fingers. Hence, “keep your fingers off the hindbærsnitter!” would be “hold snitterne fra hindbærsnitterne!”. Wonderful, right? Finally, there’s the snitte-twice-removed, which is when it means a foxy lady: “Now that’s one delicious little cupcake!” = “Se det er en lækker lille snitte!”. Also: A little bird just reminded me that a snitte can also refer to a line of coke. So there you have it. Not even Meryl Streep is that versatile. But I guess it doesn’t make you any the wiser as to the actual concept of the “hindbærsnitte”.

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10 Sep 2013

Bitches Brew (a flu-be-gone drinkable miracle)

Bitches BrewI’m in fairly good shape health wise (touch wood), but I am just as susceptible to a cold or the flu as the next guy. And let’s admit it, when do we ever have the time to just lie down and blow our brains into paper tissues for a few days? Never! Especially not while finishing your Ph.D.-thesis, ahem… While I sometimes kind of enjoy yielding to my body’s need for the foetal position, I have recently discovered the joys of fighting it. Now that I’ve also developed the Bitches Brew, it has become just a little bit easier. It’s a seriously strong ready-to-drink-lemonade containing the sweetness and punch of honey, vanilla, lemon, and ginger. Cheers!

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14 May 2013


Mini-pavlova copyBeing half-Australian, I have a lot of fond and hazy memories of pavlovas, though most of them are from Denmark. They were these festive and monstrous meringue disks with piles of whipped cream, passion fruit and kiwi-slices on top. (Growing up in the 80s will do that to you either way, though possibly with more mini-umbrellas.) Anyway, they were also one of the things that made my Australian mother exotic back in the days when the cream of Danish youth had yet to go backpacking up and down the East coast of Australia. And when phenomena like Vegemite and smoko were still reserved to our family home and our trips Down Under. I still remember how we huddled around the phone for the Christmas call to my grand parents, each of us trying to strike up meaningful conversation with the minute price of 5 Danish kroner (about 65 cent €) looming over our heads.

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20 Apr 2013

Lemon and Meringue Dessert

As fond as I am of innovation and progress in the kitchen, there are times when I’m just as pleased to rearrange a classic from the repertoire. A while back T and I went all in to dish up a three-course menu for my cousin and her husband. Since I remembered that she’s a fan of lemon curd and T is too, I thought I’d remix some old staples, inspired by a marvelous lemon-and-meringue-blob of a dessert we once had at Restaurant Marv & Ben. Well that and a dash of laziness. It was prepared in advance and only took about two showy minutes to plate (everyone loves the promising flame of a crème brûlée torch).

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